Handcrafted Iambic Paddles

Are you looking for a quality CW key? Tony Baleno, N3ZN has been making these wonderful handcrafted keys for 7 years. I personally like the look of the ZN-5 and the round design would keep my fingers out of the way!

From Tony’s website:

This is my line of custom handmade high end iambic paddles, N3ZN Keys – ZN series. Incorporating old school looks with new school technology, they feature ball bearing movement, magnetic lever return, and quick adjusting contact and magnet screws. Along with short lightweight aluminum lever arms and the correct geometry, these paddles offer an excellent and responsive feel, making QRQ operation a breeze.

Gary, KN4AQ, interviews Tony, N3ZN at the Orlando Hamfest about his Handcrafted Iambic Paddles.

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